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2 Tang group is well known in Indonesia as one of the best producers of tea leaves and tea bags.

The first company, PT. TUNGGUL NAGA, was build in 1942 and until now it is producing tea leaves with many kind of selections. One of the best selection is Jasmine Tea, which is made of the best Green tea and natural Jasmine flower. PT. TUNGGUL NAGA also produces Mo Li Hua Cha and many kind of fruit tea, with the flavor of Mango, Passion, Fruit, Apple and Other flavors.

The second company, PT. TANG MAS , produces bottled Jasmine tea, which is made from natural Jamine flower and cane sugar. Because it is made from the finest quality Jasmine tea, its taste is different from the other bottled tea. PT. TANG MAS also produces mineral water and beverages under 2 Tang brand.

The other company, PT. DUTA SERPACK INTI, produces tea bags, with the selections of Black tea, Jasmine tea and green tea. Only finest pure teas are packed under 2 Tang labels to make the best quality tea bags
Name of the Company 


Office Address (Marketing Office)

Perkantoran Puri Niaga I, Blok K7 No. 3 V-W, Jl. Puri Kencana, Jakarta - Indonesia

Telephone(62-21) 5823560 (Hunting)
Facsimile(62-21) 5823561
Correspondence LanguageIndonesian, English
Contact Person / TitleMr. Ir. Sambas Winata - G.M. Marketing & Sales (PT Tang Mas)
Mr. Ir. Philips M. Tarigan - G.M. Marketing & Sales (PT DSI)
Type of  Product Drinking Water & Beverage Industry.

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